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Museum of the Book

The teaching Museum Laboratory of Ancient Books is housed inside the gardens of the Villa d’Este in two buildings in the area opposite the Fontana dell'Ovato.

The museum is the international home of seminars, conferences, and teaching activities related to the study, conservation, restoration and technical/scientific reconstruction of ancient books on both papyrus and printed paper,  with written text and also various pictorial techniques.
The institution is unique and known throughout the world.  It takes us on a journey through memory, to the discovery of the history, secrets, and technology of the “myth book” of ancient Tibur, reconstructing and transcribing in its own laboratory not only documents of the region but also ancient books for clients including museums and universities in Italy and abroad.

The Museum of the Book is open every day the Villa D’Este is open.   The hours are 9,00-13,00. 

Director: Prof. Antonio Basile. Reservations are not required.


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